27 Wildest Days

Every summer, I let myself go wild with a big expression project. This year, I was prompted by Laurie Wagner's 27 Wildest Days. These time-limited, written & unedited expressions from the heart were transferred to video and this is what emerged. A wild journey from the heart, through ups and downs in grief and expansion.


"This gave me chills."


Rave Reviews

"This was actually incredibly relaxing."

"Inspiring! Love it! You said some things here that I've only ever heard me say.
That means I'm not alone after all!"

""I can't help but read between the lines and notice what messages life is sending me."
❤❤❤ THIS."

" "It's a shame people are never taught what a true apology is..."
Wow. Thank you for your powerful words."

"It’s so rare to be able to find time to feel the sun and the wind on my skin in today’s world. Thank you Amanda for bringing all these thoughts to me. ♥️"

"What if everything is exactly as it needs to be?
What if I'm safe, cared for, provided for, and I have need for nothing?
I love what this brought up for me. 🧡"