What Others Are Saying


"Your videos are wisdom, beauty, devotion and divination in motion."


"As remarkable as those are

who can face the typical fears of man unshaken

they are not the most courageous in this world.

The most true of courage are not the fearless

but those who fear intensely and still persevere anyway.

You are truly a courageous person

to look at yourself so critically,

so courageous to speak so vulnerably

when it is so hard to do so.

Most people could live several lifetimes and still never achieve such a thing."


"Your writing, your honesty, these videos - are such a balm. Thank you for being you, for doing your work and sharing it with us. I hope our paths keep crossing and crossing again. I am fed by what you've done."

"I love hearing what you have to say
and watching you work through it or think out loud.
It really helps me in a way as well,
while you process like this.

This might sound weird
but you’re very pleasant to watch and to listen to.

I don’t mean for it to sound as weird as it does, it’s just…
not everyone can sit in front of a camera for 7 minutes
and keep a person captivated and listening.
And you do."


Thank You

Thank you all for listening and for sharing your own impressions or expressions with me too.
They continue to touch my heart and help me grow.