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Yes, No, Maybe? Practicing Consent

Welcome to the second Soul Exploration session lead by Carla and Amanda!

This is the second in a series of free sessions we are hosting, inviting you to take some time to do some soul work around specific topics every month. This is the inner work I'm always talking about! Let's put it to practice, together.

To do this, we will guide you through a meditation to help arrive and be present for the session, Carla will go over the chosen topic, we will have a discussion and then dive deeper with a practice.

Amanda is an Intuitive Video Creatrix training to be a creativity & relationship coach specialising in vulnerability and being seen and Carla is working on developing her work as a coach in trauma healing.

Today's practice is one we learned from Betty Martin, asking each other questions and feeling the yes or no answers in our bodies.

So sit back and get ready for a bit of soul exploration! Next time we hope to do this live so you can join us while we do it. Stay tuned for the session in September!

Lotsa love,

Amanda & Carla


00:01 INTRO 02:48 ARRIVAL MEDITATION 17:15 Topic: Consent 23:16 Discussion 34:20 "Maybe" is also an answer! 42:49 Put it into Practice: "The Yes & No Game" by Betty Martin 49:15 No: Carla's Experience 54:30 Yes: Amanda's Practice Experience 1:03:11 Yes/No: Final Thoughts 1:10:45 Ressources 1:13:20 Wrap up & Intentions going forward

// Ressources:

"The Yes & No Game" and the Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin


Layla Martin: https://www.youtube.com/user/laylamartintv

Shelby Leigh - Creating Safer Space https://shelby-leigh.com/creating-safer-space

// More Sessions with Carla:


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