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Wild Writing & Presence with Laurie Wagner

I am thrilled to be in conversation with Laurie Wagner today as we tune into our hearts and speak to the practice of expressing from this wild place of presence and authenticity. The creator of 27 Powers, she is also a writing teacher and coach, author of 7 books, mixed-media artist, fervent collage-maker, mother of two, and one-time amateur racquetball champion. It was such a joy to exchange with someone who understands the benefits of this practice and actually teaches it for a living! She says:

"Wild Writing is a practice that can sustain you. It is the way we stay connected to ourselves and to one another. It invites us to take off our masks and to greet each other as human beings in an honest and generous way."

If you want to give it a try, check out: // Wild Writing Family // 27 Wild Days e-Course

/// VIDEO TIMESTAMPS 00:01 INTRO 02:12 Amanda's Heart Expression 05:30 Laurie's Heart Expression 08:16 Having an elevated conversation 11:25 Practice of Presence 12:05 What is Wild Writing? 12:54 A creative kid: Some of Laurie's journey in expression 14:30 Leadership in "sacrificing the façade" 17:05 Healing in authentic expression 19:44 A nourishing practice 20:34 Community Healing: Holding space for Wild Writing or Expressing from the Heart 21:13 Beyond Curating Creativity: The value of "the process" 24:10 A self-love practice 25:40 Moving past what others think: "What am I afraid to write about?" 27:21 Getting vulnerable: "What are the parts of yourself you are afraid for people to see?" 31:59 What Laurie's working on & afraid for people to see 35:55 Vulnerable, Connected Leadership and Teaching 39:06 Trust: Say Yes to What's Coming 41:25 The Invisible Connection 44:09 Be Willing to Go First: Teaching & Leadership Training 46:10 "How do we wanna spend our time with one another?" The "virus" we wanna spread! ;) 47:43 Wrapping Up

Thanks again Laurie for this talk and for the beautiful work you do!

For an example of what that can look like, see the my 2020 summer expression project prompted by Laurie: // 27 Wildest Days in 27 Videos

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