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Trusting Your Intuitive Process

Surrender, trust and leaving room for surprise...

This summer Your Never Sleeping Beauty reached out to me for a collaboration. It was time! But what to create? I'm pleasantly surprised by what unfolded.

Here is our audio exchange.

I'm honoured to have held this space for Your Never Sleeping Beauty as she processed her healing process and felt into trusting her intuition to guide the way with the shadow work around a traumatic experience. She needed a bit of a reminder: She can trust her own intuitive process.

We were going to share this on her channel, but she gifted me with these words:

"This exchange shows your beautiful skills and gifts, which is EXACTLY the reason why I started following your channel in the first place (my respect for you in what you were/are doing). It shows what you can do and it needs to be showcased on your channel."

Maybe next time we'll showcase her skills over on hers. ;)

I've loved watching her grow into her own videos expressions over the the time we've known each other on Youtube. I'm so happy she reached out to me to let me know she was out there creating too! See her beautiful channel here. Thanks so much for holding space this for me to process too, through your own processing! So much love and gratitude for us all finding each other through videos over the years! Lotsa love, Amanda



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