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The Wild Work of Expressing from the Heart

27 videos for 27 wild days! Knowing how I felt going into this project and seeing how I feel now coming through to the other side of it, I can truly say that this is the power of art. This is transformation! Last year, I worked through 101 Life Questions, the year before that it was finding Peace Amidst Chaos. Now I am wrapping up 2020's summer project with this last video in a series of 27 expressions from the heart.

The 27 Wildest Days expression experiment helped me through a period of transition. I worked through grief and am reclaiming power. I find our culture doesn't make a lot of space for grief. I found myself grieving many other transition periods in my life that didn't get the attention they required. Now, on the other side of it, I feel healed, I feel lighter and so much more capable of holding elevated states.

This is transformation. This is the power of expression.

Thanks again to Laurie Wagner for the writing prompts and to all who participated by reaching out to me as I shared.

See you in the next expression experiment,


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