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The Power of Dream Work

I've been working with my dreams ever since I was a kid. My best friend and I would wake up after sleep overs and share about the journeys we'd be on all night. It was magic. Eventually we started to discover that not only were these fun stories to be able to share with one another, but maybe they meant something. Dream dictionaries became a fascination, helping us to translate codes from the dream world.

That is, until they seemed to become boring and, well, flat out wrong.

Who were these people telling me what seeing a lake meant? How did they know? Who were they to interpret that image for me when they knew nothing about me?

Eventually I started going off the dream dictionary path and began to translate the symbols in my dreams for myself. While I still like to refer to dictionaries for ideas, ultimately, I know, that my dream and the symbols in it and for me. They are a language that only I can truly understand.

I could interpret the messages in my dreams, but then what? Other questions come to the surface... What to do with these interpretations? What are they really for? Where are they really coming from? What are they really about?

There is so much to learn about our dream world. I admit I still have much to learn, but for now, my love for talking about dreams simply wants to burst from my heart. My passion continues to grow and I can't help but share it!

So I followed an intuitive nudge to begin sharing more of my dream world in the form of a Youtube Dream Video Dictionary. I share my dreams through the symbols that are coming up in them, not to try to tell you what your dream means exactly, but what it MAY mean... Hoping to inspire you to reconnect to your dreams, to see the importance in your dreams, to recognise the power that resides in working with the symbols that come through them. Because they are important.

Dreams are an amazing tool for personal expansion and growth and it's right at your fingertips...

Check out my Dream Focus Youtube Channel, which is completely dedicated to dreams!

If you're looking for more clarity on what's coming up in your dream or you need a little boost in your confidence around interpreting your own dreams, check out my offerings and book a chat.

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