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The End of an Experiment

Updated: Mar 31

Last year, I started Messages from a Bilingual Heart as an experiment to unlock my voice and reclaim the two languages I grew up with (English & French). I wanted to practice speaking from the heart instead of the head and to make that happen, I forced myself to speak spontaneously, without planning or thinking about what I'd say beforehand which is a really big deal to me.

I just published the 13th and last recording and I'm happy with what came out of all this. Creating a container to express the messages that wanted to come from the soul has lifted a certain weight off my shoulders. Despite often feeling like the words I say just don't seem to come out right, that they don't seem to convey or describe the depth of my ideas or what I'm feeling, this project has definitely improved my confidence in trusting myself to find the words I need to express myself. Plus, speaking is also a question of practice and that's what I needed!

In many of the episodes, I spent a lot of time questioning myself, worrying about what the point was and where it was all going... I'm not in that place any more and that's why Messages from a Bilingual Heart is done. It has served it's purpose. I feel better using my voice on a daily basis. I feel better speaking from the heart in MY language, English or French or Franglais, whatever wants to come out.

Now it's time to practice other things and that's why the initial experiment will live on in a new podcast that is currently being called Life Navigation & Design. This time, I will trust myself, my voice and whatever messages that want to come through.

A special thanks to those who have shared encouraging words and feedback to motivate me to keep going with this. I look forward to seeing where this takes us.

Lotsa love,


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