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She is Within Me

Who is SHE?

She isn't one thing. She doesn't have a label or fit in a box.

She is who She needs to be when She needs to be it.

Sometimes She's fun and kind, wild and fierce. She can be loving and supportive, emotional and mysterious. Or feel expressive and creative, intuitive and wise.

She is a creatrix: giving life and giving space for death.

To me she is all of these things and more. She is:

Wild Woman: raw, vulnerable and authentic.

Encouraging me to get in touch with my natural instincts and to express my truest Self.

Burning Woman: strong, fierce and tenacious.

Urging me to stand my ground, remember my values and to express my needs and desires.

Goddess Isis: Egyptian Mother of Magic and Majesty.

Reminding me of the strength and power in the Feminine, in feeling deeply, in renewing relationships and in using my unique gifts.

Goddess Ix Chel: Mayan Lady of the Rainbow, Goddess of Becoming.

Inspiring me to express and to create through presence and a deeper connection to the Earth's cycles.

SHE: She who is Awake, Connected to herself and all that is.

Inviting me to dance in the flow with ease, while performing the great balancing act in all aspects of life: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional.

How SHE Shows Up

She is She. She burns within me. She is truth and compassion. She dies within me. She is Me.

She's In Me

Oh, how I've exploded with fierceness, Sorrow, her anger, her rage. And overflowed with so much happiness, Passion, her love, her praise.

All the times I've felt encouraged: "Follow your heart, your dreams, not fear!" Always learning lessons, like: "Time to slow down now, my dear."

How many times has that been silenced? Staying small for otherswho were afraid.

How many times have I let myself suffer? Convinced a REASON makes one brave.

What logic can I give For everything I say? For doing something, changing something, Because I feelit's the only way.

She's pushed me, sometimes forced me, When too scared or refusing to see.

Relationships, jobs, commitments... Situations that just weren't for me.

And how I've felt alone in madness! Unable to be, to express, to feel. But She's led me to others who

Reassure me it's all very real.

"Find YOUR Truth," she always urges. "Say no when you know that's what it means."

More than ever, right now: "Enough, it's time!" Inside me, I hear her scream.

"It's a new chapter. You've prepared.

Don't be afraid. Be different. Be you.

Stand in the light. It's time. It's time to start. Start doing what you came here to do.

It's not clear yet, and that's okay.

Keep spiraling higher anyway. Higher and deeper, Deeper and higher. Getting closer everyday.

Embrace the softer side.

Always with you."

Who is SHE to you? How does She show up in your life?

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