• Amanda Masterson

Self-Acceptance & Expression

A Life Navigation and Design discussion with my friend Pete, who identifies as a gay pilot and is just discovering himself as an INFJ. Suddenly our friendship starts going to a new level with all this new knowledge... pieces are being put into place and it's just the beginning!

As with all my expressions on Youtube, Pete joins me here as I continue to practice trusting myself to say what needs to be said without planning or worrying too much about perfection... Pushing pas self-doubt! It's possible!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Self-acceptance: identifying as introverts/gay,

  • Self-expression: planning, perfectionism, going with the flow,

  • Challenges in creation: due to factors mentioned above as well as lack of confidence in expressing ourselves  (from often being misunderstood... It's common to hear an INFJ say "Know what I mean?" and it's said a few times in this podcast!),

  • Sharing our expressions publicly even though it feels against your nature but sincerely just wanting to help in someway...

He's focusing on other projects right now, but I still invite you to check out Pete's Youtube channel and watch his beautifully raw, first "Coming Out" video & vlog:

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