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#RuralQueer: Creatively Building Your Life & Community with Dominique

What a great time catching up! Today's Heart to Heart is with my lifelong friend Dom (ENFP). Avid traveller, she's not an easy one to pin down, so I'm really excited to have her on my channel to express from the heart with me. We ended up reminiscing, feeling into gratitude and unpacking some of what Dom has been creating for her life. Creating an alternative lifestyle is truly an art! Thanks Dom for sharing some of your recent discoveries and creations and for inspiring us by being yourself!

// Timestamps //

0:01 INTRO

1:15 Heart Clearing: Amanda

6:46 Heart Clearing: Dom

12:15 Gratitude & Soul Mates

13:13 Fusional Friendship & Physical Intimacy

17:45 Homolicious Babes // Raised in homophobic culture

20:20 Identifying as bisexual and "coming out"

22:35 Unique journeys in sexuality & self-acceptance

24:50 Harnessing the power of queerness

25:50 Imagining a new way of being

26:30 Art in Community

27:53 Creating New Culture

30:04 Rebuilding Community & Taking Back Spirituality

30:56 Making Magic in Community

31:40 Challenges Building Community

32:40 How Dom's community came together

35:53 Feeling like you've won the lottery (prosperity consciousness)

36:30 Nature's role in this

38:08 What Dom is creating these days: Performance Art

41:00 Giving Voice to People

42:00 Gratitude for Performers

43:21 The Skill of Not Taking Things Too Seriously...

44:45 Wrapping it up

/// For (embarrassing!) fun, a playlist of past creations with Dom.

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