• Amanda Masterson

Remember Who You Are

Updated: Mar 31

I have carved out so much extra time this past year to reconnect with myself... to remember who I truly am.

Taking that time, facing some of the things I didn’t want to see and diving in deep has opened me up to recognizing, accepting and loving parts of myself I’d forgotten.

Every day, I’m getting to know myself again, the real me, hidden under all the frustration and pain of comparing myself to others and feeling different somehow, of feeling like I needed to change to be accepted and understood, of craving something real, this depth and meaning and emotion and not finding it, of needing to express something but not knowing what it was I wanted to express or how to express it...

My mom always says: “I feel like you’ve always been looking for something.” I’m finally on the right path to finding it. The thing was, I was always looking outward, meanwhile the answers have always been within.

I can’t stress it enough... it’s so important to get in touch with your real self. Please, make the time for it. For remembering who you are underneath whatever layers you have covered yourself up with.

Remember who you are and let that person out authentically and unapologetically.

It will change your life.


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