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Personal Power & Human Design with Gaby of sfaelin

This week Gaby joins us to discuss her journey with Human Design and we make links to how knowing and accepting ourselves, can help us reclaim our power.

Thanks again Gaby for coming on to share your insight!

)) About Gaby (( Gaby is a spiritual way-shower, intuitive and writer. Her passion is spirituality, self-development, learning the secrets and magic of the universe and passing on this knowledge in a down-to-earth way. Find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sfaelin/ or https://www.sfaelin.com/about/


00:01 INTRO

01:32 Amanda's Heart Clearing

06:55 Gaby's Heart Clearing

11:56 Personal Power // Learning about & Accepting Ourselves & Others

14:30 Human Design: First Impression

16:53 How Gaby found Human Design as a Projector

20:06 Tuning into our own flow: Retraining Yourself or "Deconditioning"

24:00 Integrating what we learn

29:28 Taking Your Power Back: Awareness & Action

33:55 Connections between Models: Translations of Energy (HD, Ni)

36:22 Collaboration: Bridging each other's gaps (or splits)!

42:55 Taking our power back & relationship to authority

50:27 Life is not supposed to be hard.

52:40 Authority in HD: Transitioning away from making decisions with the mind

57:38 There is no "one size fits all."

1:01:20 Wrap up!

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