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Igniting the Feminine

Rekindled Woman is my personal project to finding myself as a woman in a man's world. It's my vow to rediscovering, embracing and embodying the Feminine on my own terms after years of rejecting these aspects of myself and sulking in quiet rage.

Not taking action has left me feeling so powerless. The situation has often felt hopeless and I've found myself either holding my tongue and staying frustrated or exploding with pent up anger. I had enough.

Over the past 2 years, I've decided to start take action on this, what I call my Rekindled Woman's work, in a way that actually gets me out of that stuck, angry place.

Instead of giving my energy to those feelings that don't serve me or anyone else, I'm shifting my focus to the following :

1. Healing

In taking some time to slow down and do some introspective work, I've realized that what I've always seen as a "fight" needs to actually be dealt with from a different perspective. I've started to understand that to heal the problems in the world, I have to start by healing myself and my relationships. For me, it's the only way. I can't give or find the light, love and joy I'm looking for out there if on the inside, I'm overflowing with anger.

As hard as it can be to plunge into and purge the darkness within ourselves, I know it is necessary and I've promised I'd do this work for me, my loved ones and even for anyone I meet along my path, but also to create a brighter future! I know this is key to having the deep, authentic interactions I crave and to moving in the direction I'm hoping to go.

So far, this healing work has involved letting go of the past, forgiveness, feeling, healing and releasing energy blockages in the body from old wounds and breaking through limiting beliefs. Up until now, the process has been very intuitive, but now that I know what I'm looking for, I see there are so many ideas out there on how you can release fear and fill yourself up with love. This healing work has been helping me reconnect to my true self, which leads me to the next way I'm taking action.

2. Reclaiming My Power

I'm discovering that the secret to reclaiming our power is... knowing the power is already within us! It's one of those things that sounds so cliché: You can say or know the power is within you, but until you actually feelit, the words remain words. Well, I've felt it. I am and we are all really and truly powerful. We just have to know how to access that part of ourselves, because it's always there.

There are a lot of distractions that we tend to turn to when thoughts or stories get into our heads and fill us with fear. We want to avoid feeling that discomfort. In truth, we have power over the stories we allow in our heads. We have the power to become aware of our thought patterns, of habits that aren't serving us and to shift our focus towards something better. Our world is what we perceive it to be, so we can learn to control our thoughts and literally create the world we desire through the stories we tell ourselves everyday. We have the power to change our lives for the better, or we can create our own misery.

While this can apply to so many different aspects of our lives, when it comes to woman's work, the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estés have stuck with me:

"I love my creative life more than I love cooperatingwith own oppression."

- Women Who Run with the Wolves

This has become my Rekindled Woman mantra, an affirmation leading me out of a dark place to remembering who I really am, what's most important to me and starting to take a stand.  (I'll soon share another post with specific ways I'm working to reclaim my power as a woman.) I know I'm not in this alone...

3. Reviving Sisterhood

I've always had a hard time connecting with other women. I've often blamed a comparison dynamic that has been taught to us girls from a young age, but I can finally admit that out of doubt and a lack of self-love, I've been buying into that dynamic and am to blame as well. I actually crave sisterhood and am hoping to revive it for myself. I want to feel united with the women in my life and to make sisterhood real, supportive and powerful.

I've been dedicating myself to my Rekindled Woman's work in order to dig up my truth and I want to share this beautiful project with other women so we can work on this together. I know I'm only starting to uncover all the magic that I now know is out there. I feel like I've found a treasure chest and I just want all the women in the world to have some of it, because it's theirs too, if only they'll stop and look down at the open chest laying at their feet. Plus, I have to admit, that at times I feel really alone in this. I know that once I'm ready and once I truly start searching, maybe I'll find my tribe of women to help me sort this out.

In the meantime, I will gladly share what I'm discovering and what's working for me and I would love to get your insights too. We all have discoveries, experiences and perspectives to share… We all have gifts to give to help us reach higher places together!

If what I'm saying here resonates with you on any level, if you're really sick of feeling stuck when it comes to "feminist issues" then I ask you to share and open up with me, to explore new options with me, to dive in with me! If it feels hopeless, let's give ourselves hope.

Consider this your invitation to join the Sisterhood too. Will you join me? Please share the ways you ignite the Feminine within you.

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