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Holistic Success

Updated: Mar 31

I'm really grateful for sharings in the Intuitive Expression Collective this month that have helped me see what success really looks like to me.

I know that success isn't all about money but I still had a hard time articulating what it's really about for me, so this really was great practice! While I still have some things to sort out, this has been a great excuse to get clear on my personal values and goals.

By the end of the month, I've really come to this understanding that success is very subjective and also needs to be considered on many levels.

The model that speaks most to me can be abbreviated as SPIRE and allows me to consider my success on the following levels:






Maybe I will dive deeper into these aspects over time, but being able to see and celebrate my success in these areas and getting to express the importance of ALL of them to me felt really empowering.

Check out the Intuitive Expression Collective to hear about what other creators has to say about success in our October Expressions and join in on the monthly practice for November.

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