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Free from Wage Slavery

I have been called to speed up this process and clear the wage slave wound and story faster than I intended.

When it comes to our healing process, sometimes things take time... but sometimes we get stuck in healing mode and even hang on to the process itself. It's time to let this go!

Many were involved in this experiment and I thank all who showed up for this in your own way. With one idea, one question, one sentence, one sharing, one painting... whatever it was you contributed, know that it meant a bunch to me and helped me #HealtheWageSlaveWound!

To any of you coming across this work because you are also waking up to or seeing the wage slavery you have been caught in, know there is hope. You are not crazy, if you feel like a wage slave, you are one and you are not the only one. But something else is possible. We are building it. Together. For now, heal your own wound, get support, share your story with others or listen to the stories of others. Then disconnect from the story for yourself and open up to other possibilities.

See the playlists I've created to help you look into this for yourself and feel free to reach out if you want someone to talk to about it.

// The Adventures of a Wage Slave Experiment

2020 Expression Experiment to Heal the Wage Slave Wound. I express from the heart on the topic of work to see what needs to come up and be released in order to break free from the narratives of lack and enslavement and truly begin to work towards creating something new.

Listen in, share your own stories and help me #HealWageSlaveWound.


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