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FRANADA Vlogs are Back!

So, Sam isn’t thrilled about the idea... or is he?

Vlogs are back (at least for the rest of summer, maybe more) every 2 weeks* (I think I said biweekly in the video).

This time I will call myself a vlogger... which I refused to do the last time around.

I gave myself the goal of sharing monthly vlogs for a year in 2018 and those are some of my favourite videos. I've missed it and want to pick it back up again in a new way.

So I'll feel my way into shorter, bimonthly vlogs, sharing the beauty around me and some thoughts/reflections that are coming up. Here's to sharing the beauty the rest of the summer has to offer and we'll see how things feel after that! Thanks for being along for the ride and as always, feel free to share your thoughts or whatever it is that comes up for you from the heart. Always happy to connect!

Lotsa love,


)) About FRANADA ((

An introverted Franco-Canadian couple living in Normandy shares vlogs straight from the heart to inspire connection to beauty. Explore the nuances life has to offer and discover France (and sometimes Canada) as we share our reflections and exploration.

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