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Final Franada Vlog 2018: Christmas in Canada

The last in the 2018 series of 13 monthly videos archiving the beauty around us in our transition from Canada to France.

It feels so fitting to end the series with a contrast to how it began... A Christmas in France vs a Christmas in Canada. Now this is it, it's the end.

Vlogging for Franada wasn't entirely new to me. I've been making videos since I was just a kid. I've gone through periods of filming constantly to purposely not filming at all... then simply not finding an excuse to do it or making the time for it. What was new with this was making this type of activity a priority as an ADULT and actually sharing it with others.

I'm grateful for having taken the time to do something purely for fun and to have reconnected with my love of creating and editing videos again. It might not look like much from the outside, but since it's so hard to simply do things for fun (how sad!) I've racked my brain asking myself WHY I've been doing this all year.

I was trying to strike a balance between wanting to sincerely capture something in order to preserve it as a memory or to share it... and falling into a trigger-happy, video-taking frenzy. Trying to balance observation and participation.

Trying to remain conscious of when I was letting things unfold naturally and simply observing through a lens or whether I was creating moments myself. IF I was creating moments, for what purpose? Because I was sincerely having fun, enjoying the moment, goofing off? Or was I falling into the creation of an inauthentic, forced moment to share in order to make it look like things are more exciting than they really are... ?

I feel these are important questions to ask ourselves with social media being such a big part of our lives and everyone having a camera in their hands almost 24/7! It's not easy. I'm still struggling with that balance and finding the ultimate reason why I capture anything with a camera at all and why I bother to share with others. I've tried my best to choose presence, authenticity, beauty and FUN in creating this series.

I CHOOSE a higher awareness and a level of REALNESS that I hope leads to personal growth and enlightenment as that is my main mission through anything I do. In doing so, is it possible to spark something within others who come across my work?

I suppose I'm just trying to find my own way to do something meaningful through these types of projects that really do bring me joy... Vlogging with Sam through Franada has been another experiment that is taking me a step closer to finding my true voice through this form of expression. I have grown here in the sense that I know this way of doing things isn't quite what I'm looking for. It tires me more than it fills my cup. However, trying things and knowing what we don't want takes us further along the path to get wherever it is our hearts really want to go...

If you've followed along on the Franada journey of expression this year or since it all began in that form in 2016, then you too have already witnessed the way things can evolve. So thank you for being here and know that even though this is the end of THIS... remember that nothing is ever gone, only transformed.

I'm feeling really good about wrapping up old projects like this one, letting go of SO many things that are no longer serving me, making some space and moving into the new. One step closer to finding a way to truly create what I am looking to express... We'll see what comes next.

See you on the other side,


December, 2018

[About Franada]

A Franco-Canadian couple moves to France! It started out as a summer-long festival wedding and transition into a new life for two... Now in what we're still calling "Franada" we share monthly videos as a way to help us remember, appreciate and reflect upon all the beautiful things we've seen and experienced! Discover France through Canadian eyes as we consciously explore, grow and make time for fun.

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