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Feeling Useless

Intuitives... you are not useless!

The following was a question for Frank James... not for me! I was just so deeply moved by it that I had to talk about it. I suppose because I've asked myself the same thing, time and time again.

Sveta Ladigin asked: “Is there a connection between percentage of different MBTI types and their purpose in society? I got to thinking about it because I get that INFJ considered “visionary” and stuff, but how can we serve society in a real way, to actually do something, and can it be that it is the rarest personality type because it is the most useless one?

Wow... This brings up a lot for me! 

I’ve often felt “useless” but I’m starting to feel it’s especially because I think our society doesn’t value a lot of the abilities that come naturally to INFJ types and even intuitive types in general.

Something that keeps coming back to me these days on this is how I heard someone talk about how INFJs, back in the day, would have been a community’s shaman or mystic. Their gifts would have been recognized and valued and they would have received proper training to develop their abilities... but that that has been kinda lost...

This speaks to me because I’m feeling we have to find modern ways of reconnecting to these strengths and abilities... To our intuition! Everyone has access to this function, but it’s a natural state for Intuitives.

We need to rediscover and develop these abilities ourselves since no one has shown us how. We have to grow and develop ourselves and find a way to use the insights we gather in a tangible way.

Right now, for me, I think that’s about finding a way that can really help, support or inspire people on their own path.

I haven’t exactly found out what my way of doing that looks like yet. Everyone will have their own way of using these strengths and I think it will require a great deal of intropection, exploration and life experience. 

That’s exactly where I’m at right now. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and experience so much, I’ve done a lot of introspective and healing work and I’m really trying to find a way to reassess where I’m at. I’m trying to reconnect with my greatest strengths and bring those strengths out in the world in a way that feels right, that finally feels useful... that has meaning.

It’s hard to find our place the way things are set up now... but things are changing fast and I feel it’s possible.

It’s just a trickier process than the traditional paths that are already established in our sensor world. We’re required to go deep. Deeper than most people will ever go.

We’re asked to explore our fears, see things in ourselves and in the world that we don’t want to see... We have to see it and feel it for others who can’t go there... to “ help humanity process deep emotions. ”

It’s hard work and definitely  but maybe, in the end, that’s the fun of it? Maybe this is part of our challenge with our time here? I definitely find that annoying and even depressing sometimes but when I think about it like this, it’s also kind of exciting...  

Whado you think?

This moved me so much I decided to make a video... check it out:


Are you an Intuitive or a Sensor?

MBTI Test (but research the cognitive functions of your type to really find your results!)

Intuition vs Sensing, explained with Beatles by Frank James  (original question in comments here)

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