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Failure Experiment

Adapted from the July 8th Expression from the Heart prompted by Laurie Wagner's 27 Wildest Days.

Sometimes you try too hard.

Or you’re too afraid of failing so you don’t try at all.

So I invite you to think about moments in life when you let yourself experiment, when you weren’t holding on too tightly to an outcome and you simply followed your heart; followed curiosity.

Let’s magnify that remembering, that feeling…

A feeling of freedom to try, to do, to be, to reach out and figure that whatever is meant to be will be... or it won’t. Trying, but detached.

How liberating... To even imagine yourself aggressively seeking to fail instead of seeking to succeed.

Because do you know how many failed attempts it can take to succeed at something you’re really challenging yourself with?

If you’re keeping yourself small and keeping your goals small, it might be easy to say you’re succeeding.

Just as easy, in fact, as it might be to call yourself a failure while failing at something more challenging and then giving up before you let yourself succeed...

Maybe you’re holding on too tightly to all the failed attempts and not celebrating every bit of success enough.

Focus on the breakthroughs, no matter how big or small. 

Especially when you walked into them, or crashed into them, after a roller coaster of emotion.

Those times you were scared to death but went on the creative ride anyway. 

When you succeeded after ups and downs of doubt and epiphanies.

It’s not always an easy ride, but that’s the point.

And others may not even see or understand the journey you’ve embarked upon, but it’s your job to pay attention to your own path and see the true success for yourself.

It’s true that that can get lonely and if you feel a need to be witnessed in your journey in navigating through failure and success, then find groups or masterminds full of people facing their fears too and work through them together, celebrate together, witness each other.

If there are times you feel like you’ve failed, that’s ok. Embrace the feeling. Learn from it but especially, let it go...

Integrate the experience & keep moving on. Failure isn’t even real if you don’t give up or you accept exploration and your right to pivot and change directions on your journey.

Whatever you decide to do, you will keep expanding and you will keep making mistakes. There is no finish line.

Enjoy the process, embrace it all and release perfectionism.

// Failure, I accept you, I welcome you, I befriend you & invite you along for the creative journey. //


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