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Energy Outlets

Updated: Mar 31

I've been practicing putting myself  "out there" more and more over the past year. I feel like I'm getting some traction on some major areas I've been (somewhat blindly) trying to develop and one of the main ones is expressing and releasing energy in a useful way.

Recent comments on my YouTube videos from other Intuitive types of people are helping me to reflect on some of the work I’ve been doing on this and I see how the situation is evolving.

For years I've felt this sense of being "too much" and not knowing how to release that force or that energy has led to a lot of frustration for me as the "releaser" as well as an enormous amount of confusion for the "receivers" of this energy.

Consciously Working with Energy

Learning about how energy works, how to ground, clear and protect my own energy has been important in my process of being able to release or express intense energy in a useful way. 

Now, I see energy work as being essential to overall health. Important energy work for me now involves: 

  • Protecting my energy, which for me means knowing my needs and being able to express them in order to clearly define boundaries. IThis is also about being careful about who I share my energy with and how I do it.

  • Grounding my energy is also key, because I have a hard time staying in the present moment. I'm off wandering in my thoughts, getting lost in projects and dreams... I need to anchor myself in this physical world and grounding my energy helps me remember to stay... well, "here."

  • Clearing my energy ties back into this whole idea of releasing and expressing energy. For me, it's about letting energy pass through me instead of holding onto it. It can also involve a kind of "deep-cleaning", or clearing out old pent up energy. It's like an energy shower! 

I am by no means claiming to be an expert in this, but having a general understanding has been a huge game changer. I'm still working on finding ways to purposefully release energy in a useful, more graceful way.

Releasing Energy

Practicing ways to release energy in a healthy way has been a big challenge. I mean, before I understood energy I had no idea that that was even part of the problem, but now that I have a better grasp of the situation, I'm still experimenting with finding effective and authentic ways to release or express the energythat comes through me.

I know now, that if I can express the emotions or ideas that come through me through an appropriate outlet, I can help me “shift" accordingly. 

For me, the best case scenario is I make space for growth and maybe even assist someone else in shifting some of their own pent up energy. 

I had an experience with this in a recent experimental video I called “A Lesson in Forgiveness.” I received some amazing feedback with some people saying they were able to shift and release something within themselvesjust by watching the video... and then I also had some people say it was “too sad.” 

Of course the expressions of this energy won't resonate with everyone, but this brings up the question: are there some things we shouldn't express?


In my opinion, there is no positive or negative energy. What matters most is our intention with the way we want to release that energy... and the level of skill we have at expressing it! Finding the right way to direct the energy as a means of serving you (and potentially serves others) is key to really wielding the power the energy holds! This is what great artists do! This is what great communicators do!

They express this energy or emotion, they make us feel it too. They help us process some of the things we're going through.

I recently read on PersonalityHacker.com that “INFJs help humanity process deep emotions.” Maybe that's what all this feeling and expressing is all about... 

Finding the Right Outlet

Expressing to someone who will just never get it because they aren’t wired that way just ends up being frustrating for everyone. That’s my experience. I’m learning to either express through creation (video, writing, music, flow movement and speech) or to save my energy for someone (another Intuitive) who will be able to follow what I’m trying to express and better yet, help me go deeper! It’s making a huge difference... and helping me find other people who “get it.”

We'll all have our own ways of doing this, but here's a list of some of the means of release I've been exploring:

  • Writing Since forever, but it's not quite cutting it anymore...which leads me to:

  • Vloging / video journaling / podcasting Practicing expressing from the heart instead of the head, using intuition instead of over-thinking things, practicing trusting myself to say the right words and that someone will eventually understand.

  • Music Listening to music as a practice of connecting with what it's making me feel (Love Notes), but also playing music to release an emotion (What Naked Sounds Like).

  • Being in the present Through mindful practices like meditation but also just noticing beauty through photography and video.

  • Being in my physical body Through yoga, biking, swimming, hiking and running, dance, conscious sexuality, etc.

  • Crying Therapy Allowing myself to cry. See Lonerwolf's : Crying Therapy: How to Stop Being an Emotionally Repressed Person.

Most importantly, when I feel something intense begin to start coursing through me, if I'm in a safe space, I allow it to flow. I LET IT OUT. If I'm around other people and can't do that, I try my best to intentionally come back to that issue when I can.

That means expressing joy, that means crying, that means letting anger out... Though, I still need to find a better way of expressing anger/frustration... Have any ideas?

Actually, I'd love to hear from you... What's your experience with that feeling of "too much?" How do you deal with intense feelings or energy? 

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