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Creation & Self-Respect with Liza

Liza’s back... this time last year we were wearing different kinda masks. 🤣 We continue to follow our hearts, our expressions and step into the unknown. Here's a long overdue heart to heart with Liza from Treasure Seasons. In my eyes, she's such a beautiful space holder and expressionist, a video artist or creatrix that I'm so grateful to know! We hope you find something useful in this exchange. Thanks Liza for showing up to express intuitively and straight from the heart with me. Lotsa love, Amanda Liza's channel: TREASURE SEASONS


0:01 INTRO with Amanda 1:50 Liza's Heart Clearing 7:14 Amanda's Heart Clearing 11:50 Letting Go Feeling like Giving Up 13:03 Pushing Ourselves 14:00 Protection & Mentors 15:51 Using the Internet as a Tool 17:20 Where Liza's at with Creations on Youtube 19:09 The Way We Use Youtube 20:38 Embracing the word "Artist" and Seeing this as Art 23:10 Liza's Kareoke / Music Therapy 25:36 Virtual Dance Circles with Lisa Nagel 27:40 Inspiring Each Other 28:18 Safe behind Masks 32:18 Thanks to Liza for Support 33:12 Respecting Yourself 36:08 Seeing yourself as strong... but being bullied, manipulated etc. 37:19 Protecting Yourself by Walking Away or Confronting 40:17 Going for what you want // Using INFJ Rage or Sacred Anger 41:23 Feeling good making others happy... depleting ourselves 42:00 Healthy cynicism or sacred anger 44:44 Upgrade! Clarity 46:07 Stepping into the unknown: "It's not happening to me, it's happening for me."

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