• Amanda Masterson

Children of the Emotionally Absent

We are the children of the emotionally absent Cared for materially Abandoned emotionally Seen, but never really seen Felt, but never really felt Generations leading up to this There's no one to blame But ignorance War, lack Disconnection Pain & fear Experienced without a hand to hold That lead us to this. We are awaking now, Remembering what was lost. The depth of the beauty, joy & love That can and will Be felt, experienced, shared... It's time to be emotionally present Emotionally aware, able, intelligent It's learning, reprogramming It's work. But it's the only work that matters now. For us, for the planet. Let's connect, Let's rise. ---- Result of a shadow work session. #ArtHeals Thanks for listening, holding space, helping to transmute this energy and bring in the new. Lotsa love, Amanda // More video art activations: https://www.amandamasterson.com/video-art

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