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Channeling & Multipassionate Creation with Aisling Maria Cronin

I finally got to speak "face to face" with the beautiful artist who created the painting that is helping me connect to prosperity consciousness!

Aisling Maria Cronin joined me for a Heart to Heart today and I got to express my appreciation for her work and hear more about her creative journey and process with channeling energies or beings into paintings or in videos. So inspiring! Thanks so much Aisling!

)) About Aisling ((

She is writer, artist, video creator and intuitive from Dublin, Ireland who offers intuitive guidance sessions and channelled paintings that help people to reach a more complete understanding of their spirit guides, a project they’re working on, or any other situation in their lives where they feel a visual representation of the energies at play would be helpful. ❤️

Learn more: https://weavinglegends.com Aisling's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Ma...


00:01 INTRO

01:00 The Painting: Prosperity Consciousness

03:58 Amanda's Experience working with Aisling

07:00 The Whole Process: Timing and Trust

09:30 Evolving: "The art teaches me."

12:10 Channeling in Painting & Impact

16:00 Aisling's Videos

18:00 Bird friend adds her 2 cents (lol!) Gull: "Freedom and carefree behaviour in life." ;) https://dreamingandsleeping.com/seagu...

19:00 Stepping into the light! Being seen and first videos 21:51 Simplicity: Thérèse de Lisieux 30:30 Current Project: Vosloo's Series 36:00 Freedom: Being Weird 40:20 Aisling's Upcoming Projects: Nature & Relationship with Plastic 44:30 Celebrating Multipotentialites

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