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Ask the Earth

Later this month we'll be looking at consent in our Soul Exploration session with Carla and it's something I always try to consider when it comes to my exchanges with plants.

Blackberries are abundant here at this time of year so I'm sharing the reflections that came up on this week's hike in France's countryside. Is this something you consider?

When you garden, dig things up, move things around, want to change nature, do you ask consent from the plants or from Gaia first? If you want to take something from the earth, do you think about asking or giving something back? Would love to hear about your own communication with the earth!

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An introverted Franco-Canadian couple living in Normandy shares vlogs straight from the heart to inspire connection to beauty. Explore the nuances life has to offer and discover France (and sometimes Canada) as we share our reflections and exploration.



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