• Amanda Masterson

2020 Expression Experiment Launch

An intuitive expression, seeing what needs to come up and be released about work in order to break free from the narratives of lack and enslavement and truly begin to work towards creating something else.

I’m trying to start that change from the inside by getting these looping stories and experiences out of my head and body. Questions I have now: Am I not as powerless in this situation as I feel? As I keep telling myself I am?

We’ll see what comes out of expressing on this as I know I am in a state of “having given up” a long time ago (if we look at emotion it goes apathy, beneath that we find anger, beneath that we find deep sadness).

I know that’s what I will find beneath that external facade of not caring anymore and of trying to just see it all as a game, to try to play and have “adventures” within the workforce my whole life.. but I can’t mask it anymore.

This goes really deep for me and causes most of my daily suffering. It may take time, but I'll express from the heart, whatever it wants to say, and we’ll see if I can manage to shift something here...

// Experiment playlist and project evolution will be archived here.

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