An evergrowing gratitude list for all the teachers and teachings that I have come across on my journey in unfolding and expansion. 

I could never list everyone and everything that has touched my heart,
raised my spirits, inspired me, witnessed me, or given me just the right key at just the right time.

...but nothing is stopping me from trying!

I share with the hope that you may also find something here that lights up your soul. 

Andy Mort

The Haven

Anna Brown

Guide & Wayshower

Annie Grace

This Naked Mind

Bo Miller

The INFJ Personality Show

Cory MacKinnon

Unified Masters

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Dana Mrkich

She Fire

Forever Conscious

Astrology & Mindfulness

Gigi Young


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Grandmother Selina

White Turtle Medicine Lodge

Inner Seasons

Cycle Wisdom

Introvert, Dear

For the Quiet Ones

Jenniffer ClarOscura


Jennifer O'Neill

Spirit Chat

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Jessi Kneeland

Body Image

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Judith Anne King Matheson

Spiritual Development

Katie Indicrow

Indicrow Energetics

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Kimberel Eventide

High Elven Wisdom

Lauren Sapala

The INFJ Writer

Layla Martin

Sex & Relationships

Leslie McDaniel

The INFJ Life

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Spiritual Development

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Lucy H. Pearce

Womancraft Publishing

Meredith Brown

Ottawa Riverkeeper

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Miranda Gray

Female Energy Awakening


Monique Chenier

Integrated Wellness

Mystic Mamma

Consciousness & Astrology

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New Age Hipster

Spiritual Development

Personality Hacker

Personal Development


Yoga Practice

Teal Swan

Personal Transformation

Treasure Seasons

Intuitive Expression

Stacy Ann Maskell

Community Joy Priestess


Vanessa Sage

Living Priestess


Meditation Practice

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga Practice

Your Never Sleeping Beauty

INFJ Wisdom

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