Heart to Heart Project

I would love to have you expressing from the heart with me on my channel as part of this project I'm developing to support creators and to practice exchanging and working with others!

I'm working on practicing emotional expression by trying to create more opportunity for intuitive, authentic and open-hearted conversations with other wonderful souls from all over the world. 

If you're interested in sharing about your journey in expression and would like to participate, you can send me a response video at info (at) amandamasterson (dot) com

I'll edit our 2 videos together and publish it on a Thursday sometime in the next month or so. 


There's no right or wrong with this!

Feel free to let your heart express whatever wants to come up...

Need some direction? 

1 - How would you describe your journey with expression?

2 - What has inspired you to begin creating and expressing yourself on Youtube?
3 - What are you getting out of it?

4 - Where do you see yourself going with your expression projects in the future?


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/ About me & my expression project

/ Heart to Heart General Invite

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