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"I just want to applaud you for the courage to express yourself and tell your story here--it's been very inspirational.

I also want to applaud you for reaching into yourself while still so young and finding that alcohol is not what you want or need in your life. It's taken me way too long to find my place here, but I'm hopeful.

Thanks again for your words--they will resonate as I continue my journey. I wish you the best."


Why this challenge?

I want to change my relationship with alcohol. I want to live in a world where it is OK to question our drinking without being labelled an alcoholic.

For the month of September 2019, I will be sharing what comes up for me in my experiment with living alcohol-free for these 30 days... Observations, struggles, ideas... sharing straight from the heart, as I always try to do!

So as usual, it's a practice in expression and in being seen, talking about the hard yet the important things in life. For more of that see my other expression experiments.




"Congratulations! And kudos for going to a wedding and not drinking. A great video...a terrific motivator. Your thoughtful comments are so helpful. Thank you!"



"I watched all of your videos in like 2 days. I was hooked after the first one. I was drawn to you, your story, your journey, your voice, I am so proud of you. I will take all of your thoughts, suggestions and actions and put them in my tool belt as I carry on in my journey. Thanks and continued success in your sobriety.


"I love this. This video is so inspiring. Thank you Amanda! SO much of what you say resonates! It takes courage to make vlogs and you do them so well. So thank you for your vulnerability."


You're my first Alcohol Experiment vlogger I've found - I'm starting tomorrow and just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this! I really appreciate it.


"Thanks for sharing these videos! I am the same way... I work and can keep working and having a drink was a way of finally stopping my day! I'm 17 days into it, I think. Enjoying everything I am learning. Your videos are great! and helpful!! I can so relate!! Thanks again!"


"Thank you for putting into words what often runs through my mind. This brings me such peace to know that I am not alone. I find I avoid social situations to protect my energy, but that is not the best strategy. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!"


"This is the first video I have watched on here and I just love it!! I am working on figuring out who I am (and learning to be the real me without the influence of alcohol) Thank you for being so honest and real with us."



"Amanda, I have just binge-watched several of your videos, and I really love your candid way of talking to the camera as if you were looking right at the viewer, and your honest sharing about the things you have noticed in your relationship with alcohol. How you thought about your past drinking choices, did not like the outcome, and consciously decided to finally step back from using alcohol for at least a while.

Thank you so much for sharing your truth with us.

We are all on a continual journey of self discovery, and we who are questioning and changing our patterns of thought and action with this drug can definitely ultimately thrive, despite our cultural norms of frequent and/or heavy drinking. Your honesty is refreshing and I love how you pause to think during your videos... proof that you are not scripting yourself, but really carefully putting your experiences into words to share them most effectively with others. You rock!"


The 30 Day Alcohol Experiment

"An effortless way to interrupt your patterns, restore your health and get back in touch with the version of yourself that didn’t need alcohol to relax or enjoy life.

Join thousands of others in this inspiring, hopeful and exciting challenge where you examine your beliefs and reconnect with the best version of you without ever feeling like you are missing out."

- from Anne Gracie's experiment at This Naked Mind.

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