The 30 Day Alcohol Experiment

"An effortless way to interrupt your patterns, restore your health and get back in touch with the version of yourself that didn’t need alcohol to relax or enjoy life.

Join thousands of others in this inspiring, hopeful and exciting challenge where you examine your beliefs and reconnect with the best version of you without ever feeling like you are missing out."

- from Anne Gracie's experiment at This Naked Mind.


Why this challenge?

I want to change my relationship with alcohol. I want to live in a world where it is OK to question our drinking without being labelled an alcoholic.

For the month of September 2019, I will be sharing what comes up for me in my experiment with living alcohol-free for these 30 days... Observations, struggles, ideas... sharing straight from the heart, as I always try to do!

So as usual, it's a practice in expression and in being seen, talking about the hard yet the important things in life. If you’re looking for an excuse to practice that too, I invite you to join me! Try the experiment for yourself or express whatever thoughts come up for you on this topic for the Intuitive Expression Collective!