of a Wage Slave

I express from the heart on the topic of work to see what needs to come up and be released in order to break free from the narratives of lack and enslavement and truly begin to work towards creating something new.

Listen in, share your own stories and help me #HealWageSlaveWound.

Project wrap up, July 2020. Read the blog post.


What Others Are Saying...


"Love this series!

It is truly a time of change on this planet and it's time for us to choose something different."


"I feel like we are called to more,

and I believe lightworkers such as you and I are called to shift the paradigm.

It won't be easy and it could be awhile, but I believe we aren't meant to settle.

We see the brokenness-- we feel it in our bones (especially the divine feminine, we really feel it)--

so it feels like it's part of our mission to fix and heal the brokenness."


" "We cannot create from lack" No we can't!! We are abundance, hope we all grow towards knowing this."

"What about taking care of one's well being? Nowadays, people are praised for working through lunch and acting busy."

"I definitely agree that changes are coming. They have to. The way the system is right now is so unsustainable. I predict there will be many more people suffering from burn-out, despression, chronic illness etc in the years to come. And I think we already have what we need to make the first changes!"

"100% my thoughts and I feel my “part time job” has always been trying to figure out how to get out of the standard job conventions. It’s safer in terms of security to a point, but I personally feel that as a creative we are not living our best life “staying safe”. Scary - yes, live worth pursuing - double yes!"

The history of the industrial revolution and its aftermath is important to spend time investigating. I also think people like us should spend time every day looking at all the things we use and take for granted, and imagining what it took to produce them and get them into our hands.

"People talk about freedom and self-reliance and we're all in this system where we are forced to earn and buy for virtually everything. The people who are able to earn and buy more affect the conceit of freedom; I don't buy it (pun intended). Maybe there is no such thing as full freedom but I believe it would be better to live in a society that had a greater share of it in the most fundamental economic sense."

"One of the saddest things about our society is how there is so much land, such beautiful land, that people could live on, and the only way they can live on it is to sell themselves to rapacious industries and callous superiors who treat them like tools, at their mercy for their living."

I try to trust myself and my abilities, but I have yet to be able to financially support myself through my creativity (my ultimate goal). I really don't want to go back to something that sucks the life out of me, but I know they will be knocking soon and I will have a choice to make.


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